Ricamo Sacro

Traditional Cornely Embroidery


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Historic Gowns and Clothing

Braiding and Stitching using original patterns

Traditional Cornely work using simple chain stitch or Braiding and Tape in the original manner.  Dresses adorned in the manner of the Godey's Lady's book can be authentically reproduced for vintage look wear or re-Enactment gowns.  The patterns are endless and are waiting to be reborn.

Traditional Cornely Drapery Sheers 

Cotton or Silk drapery sheers using patterns from your design or architectural motifs

Cornely Draperies are intricate and beautiful and lend an elegance to a drapery design.  Whether simple or the star of the show- your design can be realized.  Patterns can be drawn from architecture, your wallpaper, drapery material or traditional motifs.  

Specialty Couture, Handbags

Carefully handmade Silk clutch purses and evening bags

Sewing services are available for jackets, handbags, clothing and more.  Please consult with us on your dream project.