Ricamo Sacro

Traditional Cornely Embroidery

Christine Buhr was home from work on a rainy monday in their half finished house praying for some inspiration from somewhere...

Scanning the online foreign films she happened across a French Film entitled "Brodeuses" (Embroiderers) and settled in for a show.  Little did she know that watching this film so many years ago would provide the seed for a wonderful future in sacred and classic embroidery!

Enthralled with the mechanical chain stitch embroidery machine she tucked this tidbit away in her mind where it lay dormant for 12 years. Until she met a Cornely Artist on Ebay and adopted one of his wonderful machines...

Our First Employee

Christine Buhr grew up in the beauty of nature on a farm in Iowa.  Her mother always encouraged her to look for the loveliness even in ugly things.  An upbringing in the rural farm group 4H inspired her to try new things- learn new skills and express herself whether by photography, sewing, baking, sheep and horse showing or canning.  Embroidery of all kinds stuck with her until it came into full bloom the minute she met her wonderful Cornely machine!

I'd like to get to know you and help you realize your dreams too!

It's just a dream now but it doesn't have to be.  What's on your heart and what inspires you.  Be adventuresome and help to bring some more beauty into the world!