Ricamo Sacro

Traditional Cornely Embroidery

Drapery Embroidery is a special art.  While other textiles are done on fairly sturdy fabric; drapery sheers are made on a background of netting or organdy which in order to be light and airy is very delicate.  Cornely embroidery has historically been used on window sheers, bed curtains and linens and church altar vestments.

Most Cornely applique sheers are made using the "applique" style of embroidery which marries netting or batiste to a "ground" material.  The resulting pieces are exquisite and are products of hundreds of hours of careful work.

We can create new sheers or textiles, reproduce existing pieces and in some cases repair vintage or antiques.  Each project is unique and we will strive to give all options to our clients.

Drapery sheers can range in size from quite small to extraordinarily large 12 feet in length or more.  Though there are occasionally limitations in materials available or hanging apparatus we work to find historic ingenious solutions for each space.

We begin by taking pictures of the space, considering the lighting and ambient light to determine what materials might be workable and then look at patterns.  Pattern ideas can come from any source including surrounding wallpaper, architectural motifs on the property or client designs.

The design is refined and transferred to a paper master pattern which can be hung in the space to view the appropriateness considering the space.

The completed design is transferred to a working pattern which is darned onto the organdy or batiste fabric.  After stitching the excess is cut away and the remaining ground is embellished.  The sheer is carefully checked for flaws, missing stitching or areas which might benefit from additional applique.  If it passes this inspection the sheer is laundered and pressed, the selvedge edges are hemmed and the rod pocket installed.  It is prepared for hanging and then fit into the window space.  The sheer is given time to hang out before final touches are applied.

Additional information can be found using the video link below.  Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you and your property!