Ricamo Sacro

Traditional Cornely Embroidery

Stitching is not confined to clothing or draperies!  This hat was made based on the wedding hat from the movie Out of Africa....

Thinking outside the box opens many doors for the Cornely Artist.  At Ricamo Sacro we live outside the box!

Working with existing clothing or preparing embroidery for a seamstress to assemble allows for a wide range of possibilities.

Please ask about in stock embroidered modern skirts in a range of sizes from 6 to 24W!

Reclaimed Wool Cape- Lovely supple 100% wool cape reclaimed and embroidered.  This design is from the Briggs Transfer Book from 1885 and was designed for the Cornely Machine.  Recommended dry clean only- One of a kind Size 2X

Kimono Silk Purse with clematis design drawn from an Art Nouveau Design book, 1890.  

Clerical Stoles have long featured every form of embroidery in history.  Our patterns are inspired by nature, architecture and classical forms.  This stole was based on the Cusack's Freehand Ornament design book from the late 19th century.  Create your own personalized design which speaks to who you are.

This stole is of Linen/Rayon with silk backing, the stitching is in Viscose Rayon.  It is recommended to dry clean.